FrozenFeast is an aquarium food and can also be found in select retail stores. Each retail pack will contain 70 cubes made for easy feeding. FrozenFeast contains a balanced mix of mysis, brine, krill, fish, oyster eggs, and seaweed, along with two special types of bacteria – containing the added benefits of both AminoFeast+ and CoralFeast.

We are now taking wholesale orders for our all-new FrozenFeast aquarium food. Please ask your LFS to reach out to us or email us at info@willowsreef.com. You can always let us know the shops you visit frequently, and we can reach out to them directly.

FrozenFeast comes in a heat-sealed freezer bag so that it lasts longer in your freezer. Ideal for nanos and mixed reef tanks.

Product Description

What is Frozen Feast? It is a blend of high-quality ingredients packed into a fast-dissolving cube making for easier feeding. We do not add any additives or unneeded ingredients. You got two trays with 35 cubsFrozen Feast comes in a high-quality heat-sealed freezer Ziplock bag extending shelf life and freshness.Each cube is loaded with all the nutrients your fish and coral need and then some.Water, to keep them moist Pacifica Krill, a rich source of high-quality protein, with the advantage over other animal proteins of being low in fat and a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids. Antioxidant levels in krill are higher than in fish, suggesting benefits against oxidative damage.Mysis Shrimp, rich in Omega 3’s and fatty acids an excellent protein source. Naturally offers chitosan in a less developed shell that can support immune system health while making it easier for smaller fish to chew through.Capelin roe, Fish roe is particularly high in vitamin B12, a water-soluble vitamin Additionally, fish roe is packed with amino acidsOyster eggs and ovarian tissue, one of the best appetite stimulator for hard to keep Fish and corals, LPS, SPS, Zoanthids, Polyps, Feather Dusters, and more. Artic copepods, incredibly high levels of carotenoids (astaxanthin, cryptoxanthin, echinenone) which will enhance the color in your fish and corals.Brine shrimp, high in lipids and unsaturated fatty acids .Purple dulsefiber, protein, iodine helps the coloration of stony corals, B vitamins and potassium. Sea Lettuce (Ulva lactuca) loaded with a number of essential minerals and vitamins Red dulse high level of calcium, sodium, and potassiumCoral Feast,Bacillus Lichenformis (probiotic), helps with growth performance, immunity, intestinal morphology and disease resistanceBacillus subtilis (probiotic), an ideal probiotic bacterium to shrimp and fish aquaculture that increase feed digestibility, prevent microbial diseases, and avoid water pollution