CoralFeast coral food is formulated to promote coral growth and vibrant color. It is made with 100% allnatural aquatic ingredients. There are no fillers of ANY kind like corn starch, flours, yeasts, fish protein powder, garlic powder, or bioenhancers.

Product Description

CoralFeast is specifically formulated for corals and invertebrates. The mixture is made with nine aquatic-sourced ingredients to better promote coral growth and vibrant color. CoralFeast is milled in an FDA-certified factory. It is milled and sifted with a 300-micron screen, leaving a 300-micron and below particle size. CoralFeast small size aids in the digestion for maximum nutrient absorption: More absorption, less waste. The milling and sifting removes impurities, making it cleaner than other coral foods currently on the market and will not results in immediate increase in undesired nutrients such as phosphate or nitrate. CoralFeast ideal for a wide range of corals like below is a list of examples. SPS Small polyp corals such as: Acropora sp. Porites sp. (Jewel Corals) Cyphastrea sp. Montipora sp. Pocillopora sp. Galaxea fascicularis sp. Stylophora sp. Goniopora sp. LPS Large polyp corals and soft corals such as: Tubipora sp. (Organ Pipe Coral) Euphyllias- Hammers, Torches, and Frogspawns. Bubble and plate corals. Micromussa and Acanthastrea sp. (Acans) Duncansammia sp. (Duncans) Lobophyllia sp. (Lobo) Turbinaria (Cup Coral) and Caulstrea sp. (Candy Cane) Anemones- Bubble, Rock Flower, Carpet and Mini Zoanthids and Palyotha Corallimorpharians (Mushrooms) Favia and Favites Acanthophyllia (Meat Coral) Cynarina CoralFeast is also ideal for nps (non-photosynthetic): Tubastrea sp. Sun Corals (yellow, orange, black), Dendrophylia, (Dendro) Menella sp. (Gorgonians) Spider sponge, Chilli coral, Tube anemones Sea Apple Feather dusters sea fans and more USEAGE: For best results: Use in conjunction with a high-quality amino acid like (AminoFeast+) and a LIVE probiotic like (RhodoFeast) and all ingredient’s to a cup filled with 2-4 Ounces tank water and mix thoroughly. To broadcast feed CoralFeast simply pouring this mix in a high flow area in the tank. To target feed,we recommend making a more concentrated version, up to almost a paste, and using a pipet or feeding syringe and feed the individual coral polyps by gently directing food over the polyps . Repeat several times for big corals and some anemones. In our opinion, fillers of any kind are not needed and only contribute to unwanted nutrient build-up as can be seen with use of other products. Of course, it costs more to produce, but we were unwilling to take any shortcuts when making quality products. CoralFeast is made with what we would want to put into our tanks. You spend $100s to $1,000s on a reef aquarium with lights, skimmers, dosing units, pumps, and of course, coral and fish. Why not feed them the best coral food to provide optimal nutrition?