Willow’s Reef LLC is an aquarium product company that specializes in premium, all-natural products. One of our key features is that we avoid using any fillers and we list ALL of our ingredients on each product we produce.

We have partnered with distributors both throughout the United States, and in several other areas of the world (United Kingdom, India, Puerto Rico, and Bangladesh), in order to fulfill our company’s mission – provide wholesome, top-quality products to aquarists like us so that tanks across the globe can continue to thrive!

We are an ever-growing collection of like-minded aquarium lovers, and we are looking to make our products available to even more people as we continue to expand. If you have any suggestions, or want to see our products at your favorite shop, feel free to reach out and let us know!

Currently, our products are only available through wholesale and our partnered distributors.
Please see our Individual Products page for more information on purchasing our products for your tank.
Please see our Wholesale Products page for more information on purchasing our products in bulk for your store location.


Our new Non-Profit Organization is here!
Willow's Foundation is looking to inspire the next generation of Marine Aquarists!
Interested in becoming a part of our movement to make this wonderful hobby more accessible to students?
Follow us on our  Facebook page , and be sure to check us out on the Willow's Foundation website!


Have any questions or suggestions? Please reach out! We love to hear from our fellow aquarium hobbyists.

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