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Here at Willows Reef your Aquarium's health is number one priority when producing products. We specialize is bringing forth premium all-natural foods and additives that will benefit your Aquarium best with no added fillers. One of our key features is you will find all ingredients listed on every product that we produce.

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Coral Feast

Coral Feast was formulated to help promote the best color and growth of your corals. It is made with 100% natural ingredients with no fillers.

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AminoFeast+ is a blend of 8 amino acids with an all-natural buffer of potassium which is something that corals utilize.

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A direct feed Probiotic you can use with any food dry or frozen for coral or fish. This is a live probiotic


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FrozenFeast contains a balanced mix of mysis, brine, krill, fish, oyster eggs, and seaweed, along with two special types of bacteria.

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