Tigriopus californicus 180ml cultures


Perfect size culture to inoculate a home aquarium or refugium to quickly start a self-sustaining population. Tigriopus californicus copepods are the most widely used species of copepod in home aquariums due to their high nutrient value and jerky swimming motion making them a very enticing prey item. at 1,700 µm T. californicus is the largest copepod we offer. This makes it the optimal food source for dragonettes, seahorses, filefish, cardinal fish, basslets, anthias, assessors, filefish, and wrasses



Atlantic biotechnology’s Copepods are harvested, packaged, cold banked, and shipped within 48 hours to ensure the freshest product in the industry. It is expected that a small amount of copepods will die in transit, we compensate for this by adding extra. These can be added either directly to your tank, refugium, culture vessel; or refrigerated at 38-43°F to slow their metabolism for storage for later use. For long term storage it is recommended that the vent is pressed in the open position to allow air to permeate. It is not advised to store cultures for longer than two months.


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