Rossmont Mover MX2600 – Advance Pack – PMVU25


Mover MX2600 ADV PACK

AC controllable stream pump
Flow rate: 2600 gph
Rated voltage: 120VAC – 60Hz
Power absorbed: 17W
Cord length: 6ft
Magnetic support for glasses up to 19mm (0.75in) thickIncluded in the box:
– 2x Mover MX2600 pump
– 2x concentrator nozzle MX
– 2x protection grid MX
– cleaning brush
– multilingual instruction booklet

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Flow rate: 2600 gphRated voltage: 120VAC – 60HzPower absorbed: 17WCord length: 6ft Magnetic support for glasses up to 19mm (0.75in) thick


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